What is The Best Toilet Flushing System

The best toilet flushing systems today conserve water without changing the power of the flush. There are several different technologies employed, depending upon the toilet’s manufacturer, that make this happen.

Two common systems are gravity flushing and pressure assist flushing. In the former, a large volume of water is dumped into the toilet bowl as quickly as possible. This allows the toilet to flush while cleaning the bowl. In the latter system, air pressure combines with the water flushing to create a powerful flushing stream.

That works for older toilets. Here’s how you can improve your flushing systems with an older toilet that is already installed.

When One Flush Doesn’t Get the Job Done

If one flush isn’t cleaning your toilet bowl, then the first step must be to determine if the toilet is clogged. Pour one gallon of hot (not boiling) water down the toilet. If it doesn’t flush, then you have a clog. Use a snake or plunger to dislodge the clog.

Should you have a good flush, then you can improve your flushing system with these steps.

1. Check your tank level.
You’ll need to make sure the water levels in the tank correspond with the water level line. If they are low, then adjust the float or repair the appropriate valve so the right level of water can be maintained.

2. Flush your flushing system.
Water enters the toilet bowl through holes located underneath the rim of the toilet. These can get clogged with debris or scale on occasion. Use a pin or hanger to clean out tough scale, being careful not to scratch the ceramic surface.

3. Use some bleach.
If the toilet still won’t flush, use one gallon of bleach and allow it to sit in the toilet for about 20 minutes. The bleach will work its way down the toilet, clearing out small blockages that may avoid toilet snakes and plungers. If you wish to avoid using bleach, try vinegar instead.

And If It Still Will Not Flush Right…

Even the best toilet flushing systems need a strong plumbing system to accommodate their features. If you’re struggling to maintain a good flush, there could be a pressure problem with your building’s pipes. Have them tested to determine if you have enough water pressure to support the toilet that has been installed.

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