Why Does Toilet Make Loud Noise When Flushed

When it comes to the toilet, most people are well aware of the mechanical functions that make it work, but very few people are aware of the noises that toilets make and what they mean. No, a noise doesn’t necessarily mean that something bad is happening, but it can mean that there are issues at play. This is why you need to be well aware of the kinds of noises that can happen when do you use the toilet, and what these precise noises mean can result in very different consequences depending on how far into the ownership of your toilet.

The Septic Tank Malfunctions

If you hear a billowy gurgle, this is most likely a septic tank issue. This type of noise is specific to the septic tank due to the congruous construction of the tank and the various parts of it that make it work from top to bottom. It’s important to note that this is only one part of the tank, and if you do try to engage and enter other parts of it whether yourself or using a plumber, it is possible to encounter other kinds of issues. But for the most part, it’s not a very common occurrence.

Faulty Piping Clasp

One of the most common issues that are rarely mentioned when it comes to strange noises is the possibility of a faulty piping clasp. This is a part of the toilet that fuses some of the outer pipes together and is usually used to hold the connecting unit from the septic tank to the rest of the main toilet. This is an area that can receive a lot of indirect water pressure with every flush, and it’s not uncommon to hear a noticeable sound when a flush is initiated. Once completed, it’s clear to see the consequences.

Other Reasons for Strange Noises

Sometimes, the reason your toilet makes a noise has nothing to do with the toilet itself. Remember, the toilet is just on the receiving end of your plumbing and water pressure. In other words, there are can be other factors that influence the sounds your toilet makes. This is very true if you live in an area where the water or plumbing is faulty, and as a result, it can sometimes affect the noises your toilet makes whenever you flush. Always investigate, and remember, don’t overreact just because of an unusual sound.

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