Why is Water Coming Out of My Hot Water Heater

When it comes to having a hot water heater, it’s one of the most important appliances in the household. However, like all appliances, there are times where they don’t work the way they should. This cannot only be very frustrating for someone looking to make a long-term difference, but it can also result in significant frustrations in the form of costly repairs for a customer that simply has no idea. Rather than being stuck on the outside looking in, it’s time to understand once and for all why water comes out of a hot water heater and what it means for you in the long run.

Faulty Connector

One of the primary reasons the water heater can leak is due to a faulty connector. The connector is the piece of the heater that connects the water spout from the heater to the rest of the house. This is what directly transports the water to your various appliances like dishwashers, showers, or even toilets. However, if this connector has a gap or hole in it, it can cause a lot of long-term damage. The best way to verify that it is indeed the connector is to simply have a new connector added to see what happens.

Faulty Valve Seal

Aside from the connector, the valve seal is your next important thing to keep an eye on. This keeps the connector piping connected to the tank, and if it gets damaged or malfunctions, you’re going to have trouble using it for the long duration of owning the tank. This is where you’ll see the first signs of any potential long-term damage. If you’re looking to eliminate this problem, definitely consider replacing the valve seal, because if it is the culprit, you’ll notice an immediate end to the problem for the foreseeable future.

Tank Damage

Another reason why water can come out of your water heater has to do with the tank itself. Remember, a tank is just that: the storage center for the water that’s in your heater. If it suffers any sort of damage, pokes, or prods, it can lead to leaking. This is one of the most common reasons that water comes out of the heater, so rather than being in the dark, you can easily diagnose the problem by being aware of some common issues that affect the tank.

By keeping these explanations in mind, you’ll be able to fix your leaking heater problem once and for all.

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