Common Causes of Slab Leaks

The condition of your house’s foundation can quite literally affect the health and safety of your home and family. If it’s integrity is damaged in any way, your home could be at risk for experiencing numerous problems.

A common issue your foundation could face is a slab leak. In order to keep your home of potentially detrimental problems, it’s essential that you understand the common causes of a slab leak.

Why You May Experience a Slab Leak

Poor Construction

Improperly or poorly constructed plumbing pipes are often a top cause of slab leaks. If your pipes are bent, dented, or punctured in any way when your pipes are first installed, they have a higher chance of leaking or bursting as time goes on.

While they may be able to be repaired in the event of a slab leak, in some cases, such as leaks occurring in older homes or homes with copper piping, the pipes may need to be replaced entirely.


As water runs through your plumbing and the pipes rub up against the material of your foundation, it can corrode the pipes and lead to slab leaks. The pipes that carry hot water are particularly at risk of abrasion since they expand within their area and experience more friction.

Water Quality

Oftentimes, the water running through your pipes isn’t the best it could be. You could have hard water that deposits mineral buildup inside your pipes, which can put pressure on the pipes and lead to leaks. If you know that your water quality could use some improvement, it’s a good idea to ask a plumber about your options.

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