Amana Dishwasher Troubleshooting

1. The door will not close properly.
Check your door seal for warps or tears and make sure your latch is not broken. Check if there is anything that interferes with closing and remove it. In case the latch seems to be damaged, replace the component.

2. The door won’t open.
Check if the plastic pins in the door latch are damaged or broken or if there is a loose latch. If the plastic pins are damaged replace the component, or tighten the loose latch.

3. It won’t turn on.
Make sure that your machine is connected to electricity. Check if it did not trip the breaker. In case the problem persists, try restarting the washing machine by disconnecting it from electricity and waiting at least 1 minute before plugging it back. In case your washing machine still does not turn on, multiple parts might be affected and need to be replaced.

4. The machine is flipping the breaker.
In case your control panel is erroring out and flipping the breaker, power your machine down for at least 5 minutes to reboot it. Turn your machine back on after rebooting the control panel. In case the problem persists, replace the control panel.

5. It won’t drain.
Check your drain hose for possible clogs and remove them. To avoid future problems with draining, make sure that your next load does not include bigger food residues that might cause clogging. If the problem persists, check the float for any damages, or if it is filled with water. In case it is filled, there is a wrong water level to the dishwasher. Replace the float component.

6. It is leaking.
The float is not indicating the water level correctly. Check the float for damages. If the float is damaged, replace the component. In case the problem persists, check for food residues or soap around the seal that could possibly be keeping the water in making your machine leak. Remove the residues to stop leaking and restart your cycle.

7. It’s noisy.
A regular cycle will include noises. If your machine is not balanced or leveled correctly it can increase the level of noise. In case the problem is not related to installation, there might be something stuck around the motor making it wear out. Check for any residues or metal pieces around the motor. In case your motor is already damaged, replace it.

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