Bosch Axxis Washer Troubleshooting

1. Washer Is Not Spinning

In case your Axxis washer stops spinning or does not even enter the spin cycle/shuts off during the cycle, check for power issues. Make sure that the washer is plugged in correctly and that the breaker has not tripped. Once you are sure that the washer is appropriately connected and is receiving power, check if the front door is closed properly. As these machines have a built-in safety feature, which can halt operations in case the front door is not shut properly or latched, make sure that there is no blockage at the front, and close it properly. The “Rinse Hold” button also stops the washing cycle – make sure that the button is not pressed. To exit the “Rinse Hold” program, press the “Spin” button to resume your cycle.

2. Washer Is Stuck On Spin

All Axxis washing machines feature Bosch’s Unbalanced Load System. In case the machine detects imbalances, the cycle will be repeated. Stop the cycle, and redistribute the load manually, to avoid any future imbalances. Restart your cycle.

3. Washer Is Leaking Water

Stop your washing cycle and disconnect your machine from electricity. Check for draining errors, by making sure that the drainpipe is not clogged or pinched. Run a “Spin/Drain” or “Quickwash” cycle without loading the machine to get rid of any possible blockages or debris. Also, make sure that the drain hose is not pushed more than 6 inches into the drainpipe, as it can block your machine from proper draining.

4. Door Won’t Open

As the door latches into an electric lock, keeping the door locked during the cycle, check your door and the electric lock for any possible damages. Check the control cables (2) between the door latch and the main control board for any loose wiring or damages. As these wires provide power to the solenoid and transmit the signal to the main control board for deciding whether the latch is locked or not, make sure that the cables are undamaged. Reconnect any loose wires and replace the damaged ones.

5. My Machine Fills To The Top. How Should I Drain The Washer?

Remove the drain hose from the standpipe and place it in a large bucket. In this case, simple gravity will make the water empty from the washtub. By starting an additional cycle, there is a possibility that your machine overflows, to avoid this, rely on gravity. Before starting a new cycle, make sure that your drain hose or drain pump is not clogged, or pinched, which can result in unsuccessful draining and overfilling.

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