GE Front Load Washer Troubleshooting

GE front load washer troubleshooting can be complicated. There are too many variables. Interconnected and interdependent components will make matters more complex. Should there be an obvious problem and only one cause, it is fairly simple to just replace that component or to repair it. Most components need to be replaced. Only those components that are loose or parts that can be tightened will not require replacing.

GE front load washer troubleshooting is made simpler with the manual from the manufacturer and various test modes that you can use to check the functioning of the pump, motor, inverter and water valves among other components. There are error codes as well indicating what the problem is and why. Using them you can target your diagnosis and hence remedy.

Service Mode

To start the service mode you should close the door, clear all present cycles using the power button that will need to be hard-pressed for a while till the screen goes blank, the washer must be disconnected from the power source for half a minute at least and then you should reconnect the appliance to the power and press signal and start alternatively with delays within the first thirty seconds as the appliance powers up.

Test Mode

Test mode t01, t02 and t03 don’t have a diagnostic purpose. Test t03 shows software revision data. Test t04 will indicate if the LED and buttons are working fine. The t05 tests the water pump. If there is a problem with the water pump, you must clean it and run the test again. If the problem persists, you need to replace the pump.

T06 tests the water lever control. The test will display E for an empty tub, F for water up to the foam level, nl for water reaching the main level, oF for water at almost overflowing level and then E if the tub is again empty.

T07 tests the water heater. After the tub is filled with water to the intended level, the heater will start working and the temperature displayed in the control panel will rise steadily. Should there be an issue, you need to check the water heater and might have to replace it.

T08 tests the hot water valve. Malfunctioning hot water valve needs to be replaced. T09 is for cold water valve. This valve too needs to be replaced and cannot be repaired if it malfunctions. Test t10 will examine the spin basket and if it is tumbling. You may have to replace the spin basket or get rid of any component that is preventing the tumbling. You may want to call in a technician.

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