How to Fix a Price Pfister Shower Faucet

There are a couple of reasons why a Price Pfister shower cartridge needs to be repaired or replaced. For instance, a pull and turn tub and shower valve can be hard to pull out. As such, the cartridge needs to replaced and usually that fixes the problem, and so does lubricating the o-rings. Water dripping is also a sign that your shower cartridge is worn out. This issue can be remedied by replacing the cartridge. Here is a guide on how to fix your Price Pfister shower faucet.

1. First Things First, Turn Off The Water.

You always have to shut off the water whenever you are working with the plumbing. It’s a precaution as well as for your own protection. The last thing you want is to get drenched, right? Or worse, the last thing you want is for your bath to get soaking wet. Limit the problems to what you currently have.

While you can technically still remove the handle and trim the plate before shutting of the water, there’s always a chance that you will turn the cartridge on when you remove the handle. The result of this? You getting wet.

2. Remove The Handle.

Using a flat screwdriver, take off the cap covering the handle screw (with the screwdriver’s aid, you can easily pop this off). This step is done so you can get access to the screw. From there, loose the handle screw so you can pull the handle right out from the wall.

3. Take Both The Escutcheon And Trim Plate Off.

Turn the escutcheon counterclockwise to unscrew it. This is done best using your own hands so damage can be avoided. After doing this, remove the trim plate by twisting it off; if not, unscrew it but only if necessary. Doing all of these gives you a view of the valve and cartridge. The following steps will show why you need to have the water off.

4. Get The Cartridge Out.

Remove the nut holding the cartridge in place out to pull the cartridge out of the valve. Using pliers, turn the large nut counterclockwise in order to unscrew it. Keep in mind that this nut can be hard to remove, particularly if the valve is rather old. If this is the case, you might want to put penetrating oil on the threads just so you won’t have too much trouble. Once the nut has been removed, you can pull out the cartridge using pliers.

5. Replace Or Lubricate The Cartridge.

The steps for replacing a cartridge are pretty much the same as removing them: push the cartridge in, screw the nut then test before putting the trim and handle back.

Lubricating is best used when the problem is not a leak but something along the lines of a stiff handle. Try to see if lubricating the cartridge solves the issue. One of the best solutions you can use is silicone grease as this helps the cartridge move more smoothly within the valve body.

Fixing a Price Pfister shower faucet isn’t that difficult. All you need by your side are time and patience and you’ll get your shower faucet fixed in no time. But if the steps here don’t solve your problem, it’s always best to call in a professional to help you out.

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