How to Install an Oatey Shower Drain

Oatey shower drains have become a favorite among homeowners since they’re durable and can last for a long time. Their special design includes an adjustable barrel, which allows you to adjust the height of the drain and ensure it matches the height of the shower floor.

You can always ask your plumber to install an Oatey shower drain, but you can also go the DIY route if you’d like to give it a try. Here are some of the steps you must take to have a successful Oatey shower drain installation.

1. Gather The Things You Need

Before you start, make sure you have all the tools you need to complete the project, such as a jigsaw, wrench, utility knife, cement applicator, flat trowel, and a nail or staple gun. Aside from buying the Oatey shower drain, you should purchase a shower pan liner, solvent cement, Portland cement, masking tape, silicone caulk, and pea gravel.

2. Cut a Hole In The Substrate

Do this using the jigsaw and the appropriate blade. Make sure that it’s 4.5 inches in diameter and that its center sits directly above the drainpipe beneath your shower floor.

3. Install The Drain

Disassemble the Oatey shower drain. You should get four main parts which, from the bottom up, are the drain base (which connects with the drain pipe), the reversible clamp ring (which contains the collar bolts), the adjustable drain barrel, and the strainer.

Lay the drain base on the opening so its wider part (aka flanges) rests on top of the substrate. Connect the drain pipe to the drain base using solvent cement.

4. Apply The Cement Mixture

Once the drain base is in place, cover its opening with masking tape to prevent any debris from getting into it. Next, mix water and Portland cement to create a thick paste (around the consistency of peanut butter) and apply it to the floor using the trowel. Make sure that the cement slopes toward the drain at ¼ inches for every foot of floor space; this way, when you use the shower, the water will easily flow down the drain. Cover the edge of the drain base with cement, but ensure that nothing gets over the hole.

5. Measure And Install The Pan Liner

A shower pan liner is important since it acts as a waterproofing membrane and makes your shower watertight. Before installing it, measure your shower floor area; your pan liner should be large enough to cover the entire floor and turn up the sidewalls at least two inches from the curb. Once you have the measurements, lay the liner on a flat surface and cut out the appropriate length and width.

Before installing the liner, remove the tape from the drain base hole and apply some silicone caulk on the flanges. (The caulk will ensure that the liner will stick to the drain base.) Lay the liner over the floor and press it firmly to ensure it will stick well to the drain base. From there, work the liner to the sidewall; you can use adhesives to make the liner stick to the floor and use a nail or staple gun to ensure it sticks to the sidewall.

6. Add The Finishing Touches

Locate the liner material that’s over the drain base and cut a hole that corresponds to the size of the drain base hole. Attach the clamp ring to the drain base using the collar bolts, then thread the drain barrel and strainer to the clamp ring. Once these are done, apply 1.5 inches of concrete over the pan liner to prepare for tile application.

Take these steps now to properly install your Oatey shower drain!

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