How to Fix a Running American Standard Toilet

Households sometimes have challenging conditions particularly in the bathroom. Basically, water leaks are among the culprits that could happen in this part of the house. Well, if the toilet has recently been installed, it may require a few adjustments before it can be operational. It has a couple of tubes that must be properly connected from the main water supply into the toilet tank. Hence, double checking the installation is essential prior to regular use.

American Standard toilets have guaranteed parts that the company can replace whenever they get broken or damaged. Upon purchase or installation, if the components do not fit or may cause running water, the customer can easily call the supplier for replacement or repair. Here are options that you can do whenever your American Standard toilet is having a running water problem.

Tighten the Top Screws

If you are experiencing running water problems, check the top screw as it may have not be tightened properly. This type of screw is made out of plastic, so be careful not to over click when turning it. Just make sure it is tightened securely and try to check again if the problem has been resolved.

Replace the Blue Ring

It may seem that your toilet tank may keep on leaking onto the bowl. As a result, it will flush continually every time the bowl gets full. This will cause the water consumption for your house to rise up eventually. This can be due to a defective blue ring that is causing the issue. This can be found by unscrewing the thumb nut on top of the green dome. Replacement for this type of component can be free for American Standard brands.

Check the O-Ring

Take note that the American Standard has a repair kit with a couple of parts, namely the rubber seal and the O-ring seal. After about two years of usage, this will cause some leaks or running water problem. You need not have to replace the whole toilet tank valve assembly for this matter. You just need to check the flexible ring located around the valve with an up and down movement draining the water upon flushing. When replacing the O-ring, you just follow the instruction indicated in the packaging.

Check the Flappers for Any Issues

A piece of rubber sitting on top of the flush valve can be another culprit in your toilet tank running water dilemma. It is called the flapper, which can have an issue such as leaking water from the tank into the bowl to trigger the unending flushing motion of the toilet even if there is nobody using it.

Simply make sure that the valve has been shut off to keep a new supply of water from running into the tank. Flush the toilet afterwards to drain the remaining water from the tank. You can remove the flapper and take it with you when you purchase from a hardware store. Otherwise, you can call the toilet manufacturer if they can deliver the product to your doorstep as replacement at no extra cost.

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