How to Mount a Toilet Flange

Among the many problems that commonly happen in the household include toilets. These types of fixtures can experience leaks and wobbliness over time. However, using the right technique and tools, one can handle these challenges without calling upon a plumber or a handyman.

If you are experiencing leaks in your toilet, it is time to check for the cause of the problem first. You can do this by tracing where the leaks are coming from. Take note that the bottom of the toilet connects to a toilet flange into the drainpipe. If there are any leaks from the toilet base, it is required to have your toilet flange replaced as quickly as possible.

Addressing this problem in a swift manner will definitely save you some money. But first you must be able to mount a toilet flange correctly. Here are the steps that will serve as a guide when trying to install a toilet flange.

1. Avoid a Messy Result.
Put some towels or newspapers on the floor next to the bathroom. This can be used to put the toilet on after disconnecting it.

2. Cut Off Water Supply.
You should turn the water supply off before proceeding and disconnect the hose of the water supply. Likewise, use up all water by flushing the toilet.

3. Detach The Toilet From The Floor.
Use a wrench to loosen the nuts keeping the fixture on the floor. Do not lose these as they will be needed upon reattaching it later. You can put it on top of the newspapers you put beside earlier.

4. Remove The Old Flange.
Try to remove the wax clinging from the flange seal with the help of a putty knife. Use a screwdriver to remove screws that kept the flange on the floor. Clean the flange after removal using a disinfecting wipe.

5. Avoid Inhalation Of Unpleasant Gas.
Use a washcloth to block the outflow pipe with escaping gases from the sewer.

6. Determine The Size Of The Flange.
Try to measure the sewer pipe diameter with tape measure to determine the size needed for replacement. You can also bring this to a store so that you can determine the correct shape and size. If possible, try to buy a wax ring to go with your newly purchased flange.

7. Secure The New Flange.
Don’t forget to remove the washcloth you inserted earlier. After that, you can now use new bolts to establish a strong installation of the flange to the toilet bottom. Use screwdriver to install the new flange with new screws that came with the package.

8. Put a New Wax Ring.
Lift the toilet up and push a new wax ring on the bottom. You can now put the toilet atop the flange, as it aligns to the new bolts. You can then push down in a tight fashion to seal up the new wax ring.

9. Try To Use New Nuts.
Hold the toilet using new nuts so that it can be installed firmly to the flange.

10. Don’t Forget To Reconnect Water.
Try to check the hoses and turn on the water supply. Also, flush the toilet to ensure leaks are eliminated completely.

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