How to Remove Toilet Bowl Ring Stains

Part of household chores involves cleaning the surroundings as well as other critical places around the house. Cleaning the toilet is one of the most challenging tasks for every home but someone has got to do this job nonetheless. Well, in order to make this a more favorable chore, one must be equipped with the technique on how to deal with tough stains.

Ring stains on toilet bowls can be very common in most homes but it isn’t a pleasant sight. Households find it hard to deal with this condition because a lot of bleach or bleach-containing liquid cleaners only make it a lot worse. Other cleaning agents just won’t have an impact because the stains have already solidified due to the water’s mineral content. In fact, other cleaners just make stains even darker and more resistant to bleach power.

Detergent-based cleaners somehow don’t do much either and it just makes the situation a lot worse. Even abrasive chemicals can do little if not supported by long and hard scrubbing. Sadly, it can damage the toilet surface as time passes. Here is a list of some popular techniques used by most households.

1. Baking Soda.

You can use this natural method in order to avoid giving the porcelain some damage. So first off, you need to pour about half box onto the bowl of the toilet. For best results, try to let it stand for a whole night. Do this before going to bed so that you won’t accidentally flush it without giving the baking soda a chance to do its work. In the morning, try to flush a number of times as you brush the bowl to remove loosened grime.

2. Vinegar with Baking Soda Technique.

Initially, you need to pour the vinegar to the toilet bowl and let it stand for about thirty minutes. After which, you can return and grab a toilet brush and begin dipping it into the bowl. Start to sprinkle baking soda on the brush and scour the bowl as you repeat the procedure until the baking soda disappears.

3. Borax with Lemon Juice Method.

Begin by simply pouring a cup of borax to a bowl. After that, start pouring one-half cup of lemon juice into the borax and gently begin stirring until it becomes paste. Before rubbing the paste into the bowl of the toilet using a sponge, flush the toilet first in order to make the sides wet.

4. Borax with Vinegar Solution.

Start by flushing the toilet to make the sides wet. Then, sprinkle one cup of borax in the sides and around the rim. After that, use one-half cup of vinegar and spray it into the borax. For best results, you can allow it to sit overnight or at least a few hours. When the time is right, begin scrubbing using a toilet brush thoroughly until the toilet bowl begins to gleam.

5. Rubbing with Pumice Stone.

There are times when hard water just leaves stubborn rings that rubbing and scrubbing simply won’t work. Perhaps that’s the time for pumice stone to do its job. Simply rub the stone lightly onto the toilet bowl ring stain and experience a miracle.

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