Maytag Dishwasher Repair Troubleshooting

There are some common and rare problems you would encounter with your Maytag dishwasher. You can call in the repairing specialist or you can attempt troubleshooting using the manual. Some problems are very easy to resolve. The common problems with Maytag dishwashers are the poor quality of wash, no power or the motor failing to start, the washtub failing to fill, running motor, draining issues, noisy operation, and water leak among others. Let us discuss these common issues in our Maytag dishwasher repair troubleshooting guide.

Poor quality of wash is primarily owing to food left on the dishes causing an etching, film or spots. Do not ever place dishes, pots and pans with leftover food inside the dishwasher. Always get rid of solid and liquid food. Else, you would have stains or some kind of unpleasant texture on the dishes. Dishwashers are meant to clean stains, spots and other smudged debris from dishes, not actual solid food that will anyway go helter-skelter inside the tub when the water with the detergent weave the magic.

No Power

If you don’t have any power on your Maytag dishwasher or the motor will not start, check the fuse or circuit breaker. Check the socket to be sure it has power. Check the plug and the wire. Check extensions if you are using one. Confirm the door locking lever is completely closed. Be sure there is no defective door switch as that would prevent the appliance from starting. The motor could be locked or jammed due to some reason which may be the reason behind its malfunctioning or not running. The pump could also be at fault. Check these components and repair or replace them as needed. You may want to call in a technician if there are too many issues.

Washtub Fails

If the washtub fails to get filled then it is most likely a clogged water valve or defective water valve solenoid at the root of the problem. Clean the strainer screen. Check the solenoid to ensure continuity. Replace the valve if needed.

No Draining

A running motor but no draining is usually caused due to poor washes. Severe spotting is the real cause. Attend to all kinds of clogging as a result of severe spotting. The drain pump impeller may get clogged too. Likewise, any kind of blockage or locking at the motor would prevent it from starting and running, despite the tub filling up. Get rid of clogs. Noisy operation is usually due to rust, broken glass and other hard debris getting into the impeller and even the spray arms. Worn out or damaged components may also make the noise.

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